Yes Equality Ireland 2015 – Storify

original cover image of Storify collection of tweets

Over the past six years, I’ve created several Storify stories (some published, some drafts), usually summarising events, group activities, or conversations that I didn’t want to lose in endlessly streaming social media feeds. (Before that I used Storyful to create stories, but they stopped their story curation app in or around 2012.) I was never a ‘power’ Storify user, but I valued it as a curation tool. Storify will be no more after May 2018, so I’ve started grabbing some of the stories I’d like to keep — using @cogdog‘s excellent Storify Embeddable Link Extractor to grab the html code and embed the tweets here on my blog.

A few days after the historic vote for marriage equality in Ireland on May 22nd, 2015, I created a YesEquality Storify with some of the many tweets I’d favorited (⭐) on Twitter. I’d like to hold onto this little slice of history. Alan’s code made it incredibly easy to do that. Over the next couple of months I’ll do the same for a few other stories.

Thanks Alan.


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