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Open education in higher education: policy recommendations

CC BY-SA catherinecronin (Flickr), remix of original image CC BY Nadine Shaabana Three months ago, I submitted and openly published my PhD thesis, Openness and praxis. The aim of the study was to understand whether, why, how, and to what extent individual educators used open educational practices (OEP) — with OEP defined as the creation, use and reuse of open educational resources…


Initial thoughts… Exploring OEP in higher education

CC BY 2.0 woodlewonderworks (Flickr) The working title of my PhD research study is Exploring open educational practices in higher education. I’m currently at a ‘pausing point’ between phases – so I plan to write a few blog posts to capture my findings and thinking so far and where I’m heading next. This is the first of those posts. The starting point…