Whither higher education? Considering big questions at #dlRN15

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Mark Chadwick (Flickr) As the terrain beneath and surrounding higher education shifts, what possible futures do you see? Are any of them beautiful? How is, and will, higher education respond to the growth of participatory culture and openness across networked publics? How will issues regarding access to education, equity, agency, and ethics be addressed? Later this week, participants at…


Taking a broader view at #ALTC

CC BY-SA iliasbartolini (London, September 12th, 2015) Many of us talk of “blurring boundaries” in education — between online and offline, our classrooms and the world, formal and informal learning, the roles of learner and teacher, research and practice, etc. Yet at last week’s ALT Conference in Manchester, UK, another boundary was challenged. Thanks particularly to two excellent keynotes by Jonathan Worth…